By ARTAND Foundation

The ARTAND Foundation is dedicated to working with living artists to create new work. We aim to enable their practice in a way which opens up the field for play, experimentation and collaboration. Over the last ten years we have worked with Del Kathryn Barton, Louise Weaver, Nick Cave - Gothic novelist and one-time art student - as well as Hobart based artist Matt Coyle, Nell, Vanila Netto, Anna Plunkett and Lukes Sales of Romance Was Born, London-based artist Michael Landy, Kevin Connor, paired Susan Jacobs and Michelle Ussher, Heath Franco, Patrick Pound, Juan Davila and Darren Sylvester. We introduced poets and painters for 'Our Story Begins' which saw beautiful work arise from artists Prudence Flint and Jenny Watson, and poets Elizabeth Campbell and Ken Bolton. We captured the experience of a creative dinner party hosted by The Hughes Gallery where Li Jin, together with Australian landscape artist Joe Furlonger, painted a long scroll. Our latest commissions, as of 2014, were from Laith McGregor and Patricia Piccinini.

Photograph of book An Li: A Chinese Ghost Tale, Kate Beynon, by Kai Wasikowski, 2015