– Kathman Saves the World –

The ARTAND Foundation is proud to support Kathman Saves the World, a thrilling narrative by 11-year-old author Sangay Linkins that traces the heroic journey of young Kathman – an environmentally conscious cat who saves the world from the melting Himalayas. Linkins’ quirky tale is brought to life by the bold screen-printed illustrations of Nepalese street artist Shraddha Shrestha. 

All proceeds from the book are donated to the Phenday Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Pharphing that offers a home for destitute, orphaned and disabled children. 400 books have been produced and if they are all sold we will be able to support the Foundation for one year. Learn more about the charity at

Image: Katman Saves the World, photograph created by Kai Wasikowski in collaboration with ARTAND, 2015