– Matt Coyle –

By 2009–10

A four-part special commission with Matt Coyle, Hobart-based artist and author of the graphic novel Worry Doll (2007), ‘The Shades’ was presented in ARTAND Australia’s Issues 46.4, 47.1 and 47.2, Winter, Spring and Summer 2009, and Issue 47.3, Autumn 2010. Coyle’s intriguing narrative begins at night with a drawing of a man digging up his garden and the following proposition:

What if you did dig up a descending staircase in your garden? And how would that lead to all sorts of interesting journeys? Such as: coming out into the foyer of Hobart’s Theatre Royal.

Matt Coyle, The shades #1–8, 2009; pen on paper, 40 x 37 cm; ARTAND Australia Collection; courtesy the artist, Criterion Gallery, Hobart, and Anna Pappas Gallery, Melbourne