– Super Critical Mass - Moving Collected Ambience –

By Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney

Julian Day and Super Critical Mass have asked audiences to make some noise in a collaborative performance taking place this week at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney. Their actions will parallel Today Tomorrow Yesterday an exhibition conceived by MCA Senior curator Natasha Bullock which considers the ever-evolving nature of contemporary art.

Super Critical Mass have rallied a collective of volunteers who will experiment with vocal techniques and group exercises to create a cacophony of sound breaking the traditional quiet of the museum space summoning an ‘interconnected abstract 'mass’’. Moving Collected Ambiance is on today, Wednesday 31st August, and Saturday 3rd September. 

Julian Day received the Art & Australia Emerging Art Award in 2014 for his solo practice as well as collaborative work with Super Critical Mass. Eleanor Zeichner wrote about his approach as part of our Emerging Writers Program supported by Gertrude Contemporary, Melbourne. She observed that ‘Day tests the ways sound makes spatial and social impacts by setting strict parameters for its production within unstable situations, heightening our awareness of its infiltration into our environments and bodies.’

Day will exhibit later this year at Artspace in the Arts NSW Visual Arts Fellowship (Emerging) exhibition. The group exhibition includes artists Frances Barrett, Tim Bruniges, James Nguyen and Angela Tiatia.



Julian Day, Super Critical Mass (Julian Day and Luke Jaaniste), AURA, 2012; delegated sound performance at Blacktown Arts Centre, Sydney; photograph Alex Wisser, image courtesy Super Critical Mass

Rehearsals at the MCA in advance of ‘Moving Collected Ambiance’ 2014/2016, Credit Julian Day and Super Critical Mass