– Alasdair McLuckie –

By Spring 2012

The ritualistic nature of McLuckie’s work is emphasised by his use of folk aesthetics, signature patterning and symbolism. However, instead of beginning with such grand narratives of life and death, his work often has a more simple and formal catalyst: for instance, a straightforward interest in how biro ink appears on the surface of wood ... McLuckie’s work draws on primitive abstraction while his formalist aesthetic tendency is strong, with a scrupulous focus on design, materials and process. – Kelly Fliedner

Alasdair McLuckie, The sun as my witness, 2010; woven glass seed beads, glass vessels, Perspex, glass beads and timber, 143 x 60 x 55 cm; installation view, West Space, Melbourne; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist and Murray White Room, Melbourne