– Amanda Marburg –

By Winter 2005

The journey Marburg takes in the production of her paintings is consequently a continual process of abstraction. This detachment from a depiction of the 'real' is accentuated in the paintings by a lack of surface texture, in contrast to the malleable plasticine models in which the artist's hand, even her fingerprints, are visible. However, the flatness that this lack of texture might convey is counteracted by the unsettling focus in each of the paintings, with some features of the composition thrown into sharp relief and others into shadow and haze, giving an awkward, otherworldly sense of space. – Claire Armstrong

Amanda Marburg, Giving the devil his due #19, 2004; oil on canvas, 102 x 133 cm; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist and OLSEN IRWIN, Sydney; photograph Simon Hewson