– Christian de Vietri –

By Autumn 2006

Now that reality television is our surrogate for life experience, it is a truism that objects encountered everyday, on reflection, turn out to be double entendres. Certainty is a relative concept and it follows that relative certainty is as stable as things are going to get. With data circulating at ever increasing rates and in previously unimagined volumes, just how long any 'fact' remains undisputed is no longer measured with a calendar but by a second hand ... Christian de Vietri ponders just such questions and his works quite literally revel in the specifics that signpost our uncertainty. – Gary Dufour

Christian de Vietri, 2nd law, 2004; polyurethane, fibreglass, metal fridge, 110 x 245 x 170 cm; installation view, Goddard de Fiddes Gallery, Perth; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist; photograph Acorn Photography