– Del Kathryn Barton –

By Spring 2004

Her early works featured Egon Schiele-like drawings of naked female bodies entwined with rabbits but also birds and native animals. The explicit nature of the drawings – with the female genitals depicted in detail and the animals often emerging from the female body – have frequently been read as pornographic. However, rather than intentionally explicit or titillating, the drawings are the product of Del’s interest in the relationship between humankind and nature. She sees a spiritual presence residing in the natural world and is concerned with the effect of this on humankind’s physiological and metaphysical existence. – Claire Armstrong

Del Kathryn Barton, girl #8, 2004, detail; pen, gouache, watercolour and acrylic on polyester canvas, 121 x 85 cm; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist