– Emma White –

By Autumn 2011

Viewers might be forgiven for thinking they have arrived at Emma White’s exhibitions on the wrong day: used coffee cups linger idly next to panes of glass on the gallery floor; Blu-Tack clings to the walls. Yet on closer inspection, these items reveal the sturdy physicality and slightly blurred edges that give them up as artworks. While Post-it notes, packing tape or Mars Bar wrappers might not seem likely harbingers of a sculptural trompe l’oeil, they duly lure us into their details ... These polymer clay ciphers sit stagnant, but just like White’s practice as a whole, they harbour a fragile tension. – Marni Williams

Emma White, The plastic arts, 2011; neon, transformers and epoxy enamel on timber panels, 204 x 77 x 20 cm; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist and BREENSPACE, Sydney