– Giles Ryder –

By Winter 2007

Describing his work as a ‘hybrid between minimalism, abstraction, op and pop art’, Ryder suggests that his work is actually ‘more abstract’ than a direct reference to automobile culture and aesthetics. ‘It comes back to art and art history. It’s pop but it’s not ... it has more to do with Australian culture.’ With this comment, a whole new set of references emerge – from striped awnings to RSL Club decor. And unlike earlier modernist forms of abstraction, Ryder’s abstraction does not preclude references to popular culture and society. – Jesse Stein

Giles Ryder, Silver strutter (daze of disco), 2006, detail; video still, HD stop-motion animation, 1 min 29 secs duration, edition 1/5; installation view, John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist and John Buckley Gallery, Melbourne; photograph Simon Strong