– Grant Stevens –

By Autumn 2008

Stevens treads a fine line between irony and sincerity, and the artist would be the first to admit that his work seeks transcendence from the usual default positions of popular culture: ‘There’s always a contradiction.’ With his short video works, Stevens has cut to the very quick of western culture: Hollywood. Having completed his PhD on notions of editing and text, and believing Hollywood to be ‘the primary myth-making place in terms of film or narrative’, the artist seeks to demystify it. – Michael Fitzgerald

Grant Stevens, The way, 2007; lambda print, custom cabinet, car stereo, sound by Rex Goh, 23 mins 37 secs duration, 75 x 197 x 39 cm; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist and Gallery Barry Keldoulis, Sydney; photograph Richard Glover