– Jamil Yamani –

By Winter 2008

Spanning video and sculptural installation, and with a tight, trained focus on the tropes of exilic experience, Yamani perforates and displaces borders of law, imagination and form. In a single-channel video work from 2005, All quiet on the Western Front ... the artist – now split in two, now literally beside himself – points to the complexity of political and cultural identity in a simple gesture of reciprocity: he takes himself out to dinner ... Although Yamani’s two selves never speak, the artist nevertheless locates surprising spaces of exchange and mutuality. Yamani’s eastern incarnation occupies the western sphere of the screen image; westernised Yamani, the east. – Katrina Schwarz

Jamil Yamani, family/familiar, 2008; video still, aluminium, fabric, projector, HD video, stereo/audio, approx. 300 x 300 x 100 cm; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist