– Jonathan Jones –

By Summer 2005

The accumulation of light is, in Jones's idiom, an attempt to map the network of relations between communities and individuals. Independent light sources come together to create a larger body of illumination, whose interlocking nature ... signals the artist's interest in areas of commonality and connection, in overlap and symbiotic flow. It is a fascination Jones locates in his discovery of accounts of the Cadigal people night fishing, as recorded by early colonists observing from the shores of Port Jackson. – Katrina Schwarz

Jonathan Jones, blue poles, 2004/10; fluorescent lights, transparent synthetic polymer resin, composition board, electrical cord, 168.9 x 285.3 x 65 cm overall; edition of 3 and one museum edition; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; National Gallery of Victoria Collection (purchased, Victorian Foundation for Living Australian Artists, 2010); courtesy the artist; photograph NGV Photo Services