– Jordana Maisie –

By Spring 2009

Maisie’s work promotes a degree of intimacy and playfulness that comes from engaging with the exhibition space. Her self-prescribed task is to make her conceptual ideas manifest in direct experience, honouring human-to-human contact and presenting alternate pathways for interacting with technology. One senses that she achieves her aim by tapping into an irresistible childlike curiosity where movement precludes thinking and technology is made to talk back. – Marni Williams

Jordana Maisie, The real thing, 2008; mirror acrylic, ice acrylic, aluminium, timber, wire, black tat cloth, HDV camera, Mac mini, data projector, 220 x 220 x 750 cm; installation view, Black and Blue Gallery, Sydney; Ipswich Art Gallery Collection; courtesy the artist