– Louisa Dawson –

By Autumn 2007

Dawson's work is brave: her sculptures are envisaged as permanent fixtures and are often very big – a rare and significant trait in the practice of a young, female, urban sculptor. When I spoke to her in November 2006 she was finalising a large version of her 'rocking ladders’, titled Unsteady work. These ladders are aluminium and 5 metres tall, rocking on a curved base. Dawson is skilled in carpentry, and designed the structural basis for the rocking ladders, but states, 'as for making it rock without killing someone, I'm leaving that up to the engineers'. – Jesse Stein

Louisa Dawson, Temporary displacement, 2005; rubbish skip, swimming pool tiles, swimming pool ladder, water, 160 x 240 x 130 cm; installation view, Art Academy, Dresden, Germany; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist