– Peter Madden –

By Autumn 2010

Tenderly lifted from the pages of National Geographic, thumbed encyclopedias and found photographs, old images find new life in the airborne works of Peter Madden. The artist has a consuming passion for visual recycling, dedicatedly pilfering second-hand bookshops and internet trading sites for his library of photographic imagery. Rescued from a life of garage mildew or stagnation in a dentist’s waiting room, Madden imbues these pictures with renewed purpose. In his hands they are painstakingly cut out, pinned, balanced, layered and juxtaposed to create paper microcosms bursting with colour and form. – Talia Linz

Peter Madden, She, 2007, detail; found photographs, pins and archival glue, 79 x 54 cm; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist, Ryan Renshaw Gallery, Brisbane, and Fehily Contemporary, Melbourne