– Rebecca Baumann –

By Autumn 2012

The strength of Baumann’s work lies in the density of her materials and the concentration of human experience – the fleeting orchestration of parts en masse. We can’t get enough of the heady coloured clouds of smoke or avert our gaze away from the glints of light refracting on gold tinsel curtains and yet, at the same time, it is all far too much. Formally her work relies on repetition and return, but there is always the threat of deflation, of being brought back down to earth, or being rudely interrupted by the squeaky surrender of an obnoxious cog in one of her machines. – Leigh Robb

Rebecca Baumann, Untitled cascade, 2010/12, detail; tinsel curtain, domestic fan, 1.2k Selecon Zoomspot, dimensions variable; installation view, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts; Queensland Art Gallery/Gallery of Modern Art Collection; courtesy the artist; photograph Bewley Shaylor