– Rob McHaffie –

By Summer 2006

There is something delightfully inscrutable in the work of Melbourne artist Rob McHaffie. His humble canvases are strikingly distinctive, revealing an unabashed focus on the figurative and a deliberate avoidance of straightforward narrative ... His works feature perfectly rendered images of everyday objects – unsettling in their clarity and realism – which are then skewed, moulded, displaced and juxtaposed in unlikely relationships. His all-too-human titles, such as I'd rather be no-one than someone with no-one, 2006, add humour to his intriguing visual repertoire. – Jesse Stein

Rob McHaffie, Everybody’s got baggage but nobody’s going anywhere, 2006, detail; oil on canvas, 62 x 52 cm; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney; photograph Viki Petherbridge