– Selina Ou –

By Spring 2005

What is striking about Ou's photographs is their stillness, frontality and precise compositional structure. For example, Ou's 2001 series 'Serving You Better' uses the commercial settings of a pharmacy, butcher, travel agency and a convenience store. In these images, colourful boxes of medication, rows of bottles and bags of confectionery, stacked produce and the edges of counters and tables form lines parallel to the photographs' upper and lower edges. These horizontal linear structures define a static matrix within which Ou's human subjects pose, facing the camera, motionless, like the inanimate objects around them. – Monte Packham

Selina Ou, Young couple with deer, Nara, 2005, detail; type-C photograph, 100 x 100 cm; ARTAND Australia Emerging Artist Collection; courtesy the artist and Sophie Gannon Gallery, Melbourne