– Louise Weaver –

By Autumn 2007

Developed out of a vision to work collaboratively with artists to create unique covers, ARTAND Australia commissioned Louise Weaver to inhabit the front and inside pages of Issue 44.3, Autumn 2007. Weaver was the first artist to take on this challenge, creating the work Guido Valdez (Vendetta for love), 2006, in a response to the spatial requirements of the cover itself and her desire to make a work that evokes a sense of the traveller. Described by Weaver as ‘part matador, part Latin wrestler, part carnival performer’, Guido Valdez is a taxidermic Pacific gull transformed into a fantasy creature, both humorous and potentially provocative.

Louise Weaver, Guido Valdez (Vendetta for love), 2006; hand-crocheted lamb wool, lurex, plastic and cotton thread over taxidermic Pacific Gull, 18.5 x 46 x 22 cm; ARTAND Australia Collection; courtesy the artist and Darren Knight Gallery, Sydney