– Chloé Wolifson –

By February 2014

Jane Brown artist profile

Decommissioned Art History Library, University of Melbourne, 2012–13, depicts Brown’s former workplace, but could equally depict a library a century earlier. Her use of aged film stock causes the photograph to appear as an object from another time, while also suggesting the library itself to be somewhat mildewed and dusty. A neat connection exists between the deterioration of film stock leading to the beautiful effects in Brown’s works (initially accidental, now deliberate but still experimental) and the sense of urgency the artist feels in documenting what is sometimes rapidly disappearing subject matter. – Chloé Wolifson

Jane Brown, Decommissioned Art History Library, University of Melbourne, 2012–13, detail; from the series 'Not Before Time' (2011–13); fibre-based, gelatin silver print, 27 x 33 cm