– Helen Hughes –

By Winter 2010

‘Talking Tapa: Pasifika Bark Cloth in Queensland’ (2010) exhibition review

Despite the multiplicity of language, style and function embedded within the works, a common thread that ran throughout was the way in which each evolved along the historical paths of travel and trade. Tapa ... is an artform that is not endemic to any one place in particular, so the exhibition naturally mapped an array of diasporic patterns and intercultural links within the Pacific region. – Helen Hughes

Ceremonial women’s skirt, Ussiai people, Manus Province, Papua New Guinea; breadfruit tree bark, seed, bush string and red cloth strips, 104 x 83 cm, 86 x 43 cm, donated to University of Queensland Museum of Anthropology by Mrs Alfred Robinson in 1950; courtesy University of Queensland Museum of Anthropology, Brisbane