– Nicholas Croggon –

By Spring 2009

‘Too Much of Me: 7 Paths Through the Absurd (With Detour)’ (2009) exhibition review

There is a strange poetry in the absurd. Lewis Carroll saw this, Marcel Duchamp saw this, and Geraldine Barlow, curator of Monash University Museum of Art’s recent show ‘Too Much of Me: 7 Paths Through the Absurd (With Detour)’, sees this too. By grouping together the work of seven contemporary artists, Barlow’s show revealed the way in which the subtle logic of the absurd is constantly at work, twisting and shaking the very forms and concepts that shape our ordinary lives. – Nicholas Croggon

Stuart Ringholt, Untitled (waiting room), 2009; enamel, steel, 234 x 125 x 65 cm; courtesy the artist and Anna Schwartz Gallery