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A limited edition of 15, An Li: A Chinese Ghost Tale Special Edition celebrates the launch of Dott Tales II. Each book is signed by the artist Kate Beynon accompanied with a signed and numbered artist gilcée print (Certificate of Authenticity suppled), fit in a beautiful, custom made case.

AN-LI: A CHINESE GHOST TALE | Special Artist Edition Edited by Art & Australia
Published by Dott Books, April 2015
Pages: 48
Dimensions: 370 x 330 mm
Binding: Hardback: fully cased and section sewn with endpapers
Printing: Colour
ISBN: 978-0-646-93409-9 $825.00 incl. GST plus postage
Limited edition of 15

Select your print to accompany the set, only 6 in each edition

Rose of Evening/Spirit of Kwan Yin in the lotus field, 2015, giclée print, edition of 6, 37 x  32.5 cm

This work embodies the guiding spirit of Kwan Yin (or Guanyin), the Chinese bodhisattva known as the Goddess of Mercy. It is a portrait of Rose of Evening in the lotus field where she and An-Li secretly meet. Referencing the ‘Thousand Arm Kwan Yin’, she has multiple arms with an eye in each palm. Inspired by Buddhist legend, the ‘seeing’ hands reach out to hold the sorrows of those suffering in the world. One pair of arms appear fleshy while the other nine pairs are transparent, revealing foliage and flowers to evoke her spirit form. The gold cuffs are protective wrist-guard armour; while a posse of multi-complexioned female heads incorporated into the headdress represent feminine strength. Rose-as-Kwan Yin wears a shirt featuring an image of an anatomical heart, sprouting like a vegetable to symbolise hope and healing.

Prince of the Dragon Cave, 2015, giclée print, edition of 6, 37 x  32.5 cm

When teenage acrobat An-Li crosses over into the world beneath the river, he meets the Prince of the Dragon Cave. This work features the figure of the Prince, inspired by my stepson Soul with his striking tattoo designs and French bulldog. On a distinctive wooden throne, the Prince reclines barefoot in his ornamental armour and jeans. The imagery draws upon a mix of traditional and contemporary elements with personal references. These include the artwork of my late maternal Chinese grandfather, whose given name was Loong (meaning ‘dragon’), and a large decorative and colourful vessel based on a vase owned by my parents. The pair of grinning ‘lion-dog' statues reflect my Chinese zodiac birth year of the dog, while also representing companionship and protection.

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